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Pros of vaping dry herb

April 27, 2018 0 Comments

No combustion – The cannabis or dry herb that you use will not be burned, therefore it won’t contain any of the toxins that are associated with smoking such as tar and carbon monoxide.

Less Odor – Since marijuana vaporizers roast your herb at low temperatures, dry herb vapes create less of a smell than traditional smoking, although no vaporizer is completely odor-free.

Medical cannabis – Many medicinal cannabis patients have switched over to vaping their herb using a herbal vaporizer as recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals.

Less harsh – One of the pros of vaping weed is that it can be a lot less harsh than smoking, especially because many of them allow you to dial in your ideal temperature.

Better flavor – You may notice that the flavor you get from a dry herb vaporizer is very different from smoking herb. You won’t get the taste of lighter fluid or burnt resin. Many people vaporize their buds because they are able to taste the individual flavor profiles and terpenes much better.

More mellow – Vaporizing weed doesn’t have to be as intense as smoking it. With the right strain of cannabis, using a low temperature, you can get a more mellow effect.

Stop and Go – Vaporizing gives the user the option to stop and go during a single session, especially with vaporizers like the Firefly 2 with on-demand heating.

Health Benefits – Vaping is not only becoming the preferred method of using cannabis for medicinal marijuana patients, but for many of the same reasons it’s also becoming widely accepted by recreational cannabis users as well.